8 x 10 Timber-frame Garden Shed

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8 x 10 Timber-frame Garden Shed 


Timber-framing is a traditional building method that uses a simple framework of heavy timber posts and beams connected with hand-carved joints. From the outside, a timber-frame building looks like a standard, stick-framed structure, but the stout, rough-sawn members give the interior the feel of an 18th-century barn or workshop.

This 8 × 10-ft. shed has the same rough-sawn timbers and basic design used in traditional timber- framing, but with joints that are easy to make. In addition to an attractive interior, the shed has a homemade skylight and a large side window that make it a bright, inviting space. If staying cool is a concern, install operable windows, or adapt the shed frame to add more windows. Adding roof vents can improve ventilation, as well.

The roof frame in this project is made with standard 2 × 4s, but if you’re willing to pay a little more to improve the appearance, you can use rough-cut 2× 4s or 4 × 4s for the roof framing.

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