This 7 1/2 × 8-ft. playhouse has many of the architectural details you’ll find on a real house, making it a truly special place for play—and a fun project to build. With two homemade windows and a door-window, the 5 × 8-ft. interior of the main house is a bright but private space. Outside, a 2 1/2-ft.-deep covered porch provides additional shelter for playing, lounging, or welcoming guests. The entire building is supported by a single floor frame attached to a wooden skid foundation, which helps make the playhouse easy to move.

The playhouse in this project is a complete building, ready for play, but its simple design leaves plenty of room for you and your children to do some of your own decorating. For starters, the plan suggests the option of finishing the house interior with 1/4″ pre finished plywood panelling. You can also finish the ceiling by installing a few extra collar ties between the rafters and panelling over the roof frame.

how to build a shed



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